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Dear Funders,

I am writing to update you on the progress of the St. James Anglican Hospital which your prayers and generous gifts are supporting. We are finally about to build the surgical building. Dr. Simon Walton and his team have done a remarkable job of developing bidding materials, reviewing the bids, and identifying the best bidder. Dr. Walton thinks we will start building the surgical building in the next one to two weeks.

The bidding committee has gone for the second cheapest, highlighted in red, as the first had quoted below the architect's base price and we felt that this was a risk. The lowest bidder also did not have any great experience. This successful bidder company has supplied copies of work they have done, audited accounts, legal documents, the lot, and so  Dr. Walton and the other assessment team members are confident that they will produce the results.

We are short  31 million tshillings which, using the current exchange rate of 1600 tshillings/ dollar, is $19,375. We have paid nine million out to the architect already and so have 90 million left of our original money. The total price is just over 121 million. You will see the exact total in the documents attached. This figure is without contingency - which we would have to find if there was a problem and with VAT (taxes).  The Diocese is exempt, so this should be granted but there would be another 22 million if it is not!

Please help us find the remaining $19,375 dollars. With the surgical building complete, we will be eligible to apply to become a full hospital. We expect to do this in partnership with the government Buguruni Health Centre. Together we will be a district hospital for the Ilala District's 1.5 million people. The St. James Anglican Hospital portion of the district hospital will focus particularly on women and children. Hospital status will immediately increase the amount the government pays us for caring for their employees and so improve revenue and will allow us to obtain more staff through the government.  Our ability to help the poor in the Ilala District will increase dramatically.We will send you pictures of the surgical building, in process, as soon as we start building.


Thank you and God Bless.


Henry and Priscilla

Copy of St James tendership quotes.pdf

Contract agreement BACHC.pdf

Report on decision of Company to build St James Hospital.pdf